All LightFury Kits come with 1-Year Limited Parts Replacement Warranty. All three major components of the kit (i.e., laser wire, laser strip and controller) are eligible under this replacement warranty if they act funny or faulty due to any manufacturing defect. You may need to send us the faulty part for inspection. Once we identify the manufacturing defect, we’ll immediately dispatch your replacement part – no questions asked.

Just email us on [email protected] and we’ll be happy to solve any warranty related issue.

Warranty is not valid on the following extras provided in the kit Рglue, adhesive mount, stickers and extension wires. Installing a LightFury Kit on anything other than a motorcycle helmet will directly void your warranty. The warranty does not apply in case of any accidental damage.In such cases, any damaged part(s) can be separately purchased on request by email.

Your warranty will get void if:

  • damage in a motorcycle accident
  • damage by water, rain or due
  • tampering with original components/parts
  • modifications on/over the kit
  • damage while applying the kit
  • other unforeseen accidental damages