Greetings Fellow Bikers

I have been riding across lengths and breaths, on the notorious highways of India for over a decade now. And its needless to say that I have come across numerous incidents, where I had to take instant instinctous decisions to save my life. And its no different for any biker in India, or for that matter any biker anywhere in the world. Being bikers simply mean that we are almost invisible to anyone not riding a bike. The conclusion is,

‘being visible on road means everything for us bikers and our families’.

According to a study, the use of a light colored helmet was associated with a 24% lower risk compared to wearing a dark colored helmet. Evidently, visibility of a rider’s helmet plays a significant role in his safety. The major issue is that riders are very likely to forgo safer gear forshow-off and style. And in a country like India, most people do not even wear a helmet, which contributes to the largest number of deaths in road accidents.

So, we at LightFury ® Innovations, Inc. we created the most badass frozen light system for your helmet, using ultra high-end electroluminescent materials and Smart Light Technology (SLT), LightFury ® transforms your helmet into a fully functioning, head-turning, illuminating helmet, that greatly increases rider visibility and thus safety.

We cannot make roads any safer, but with LightFury Mod we can inspire everyone to wear a helmet, and become highly visible to other riders, drivers and big vehicles on road, thus greatly adding safety to all.

Co-founder and Creator,
LightFury® Innovations, Inc.