Lightfury tron helmet : Ride like a superstar by wearing the customized tron helmet fitted with motorcycle helmet lights. The tron helmet light kit consists of everything you will need in order to light up your helmet in a super cool way. Essentially, it is a simple attachment for any tron helmet that gives it the safety feature of el wire lights. The look is straight out of the movie that every ’80s kid loves no matter how weird they realize it is as they get older. Lightfury tron helmet India is much affordable than lightmode India importing. The Ultron Kit is the latest breakthrough in light design technology. The kit includes two precision cut light panels out of super-thin electroluminescent sheet – light panel is much thinner than a credit card (just 1/3mm thick) and glows beautifully. The panels are flexible and easily sticks on a curved surface helmet. Ultron Helmet Light Kit is powered by a 4-mode detachable controller. The controller has a special 4th ‘stealth’ mode for added safety – When put on the 4th mode, the lights go on a stealth mode, and gets activated in a flash when a vehicle is approaching from any side. You can also control the intensity for 4th mode. The controller runs on easily available 2AAA batteries, and can be conveniently mounted anywhere on your helmet.